Our Investment Committee

The investment committee consists of the management team
along with the following experts:

Björn Casserlöv

Member of the investment committee, Björn is also on the board of Sjaelsö Gruppen in Copenhagen and Projektledarhuset, as well as Chairman of Birkagården. Previously Björn was Managing Director at SSM, a real estate company specializing in residential development projects. Björn has also worked as a leasing manager for the real estate fund manager NIAM, and has held several positions within Diligentia. He attended Gothenburg School of Economics between 1974 and 1976.

Esbjörn Wincent

Member of the investment committee, Esbjörn is also a director of Aberdeen Indirect Investment Management AB and Förvaltaren Lokalfastigheter i Sundbyberg AB. From 1991 to early 2009, he was head of real estate and alternative investments at Folksam, a major Swedish insurance company. Prior to that, Esbjörn was Managing Director of Coop Finans. He holds a Master in Marketing and Finance from the University of Stockholm.

We find the hidden potential in commercial Real Estate.

Björn Casserlöv, Member – Investment Committee