Responsible Property Investments

According to the United Nations, buildings are responsible for about 40% of global energy use and some 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Creating Sustainable Value

At Mengus, we recognize that we are responsible for the impact our buildings have on the environment and local communities. That is why we are strongly committed to responsible property investing, including careful consideration of environmental and economic risks as well as the opportunities associated with owning and managing property assets. This approach generates benefits that are closely aligned with our investors’ investment objectives.

Positive Returns

There is growing evidence that sustainable properties generate better investment returns and higher occupancy rates than other properties. They also reduce operating costs as a result of energy savings and other reductions in resource consumption. Tenants are increasingly interested to demonstrate a high level of environmental responsibility in all their business activities, including the office premises they rent. Responsible property investing also allows us to attract and retain people who are committed to these values and can uphold them in our everyday investment decisions and ownership practices.

Environmental Focus

Improving the environmental performance of existing buildings is one of the greatest sustainability challenges and our main focus in responsible property investing. We believe that the upgrading of existing property is more beneficial to society than only building new, energy-efficient buildings, given the large stock of existing buildings and thus the environmental savings potential.
This focus goes hand in hand with our investment strategy of unlocking value potentials. The transformation of partly vacant and sometimes under-managed properties into fully let, attractive office locations often results in tangible environmental benefits.

Sustainability Policy

Mengus is committed to improving the sustainability performance of its buildings, primarily with regards to their environmental footprint. In our business practices, we seek to:

  • Conduct our operations in accordance with a comprehensive sustainability philosophy.
  • Measure and analyze the current level of sustainability in the buildings we manage and establish a plan with ambitious yet achievable sustainability-related targets.
  • Share our know-how, views and experiences with tenants and business partners. Working in partnership with tenants, we want to adopt a positive approach to sustainability across our managed properties.
  • Incorporate green lease clauses into all lease contracts.


We seek to reduce the environmental footprint of each property we acquire by at least 30%. All our properties should be classified against an ambitious and recognized green building certification system.

Our target is to reduce our environmental footprint by 30%

Daniel Eriksson, Partner