About Mengus

Our mission is to offer and manage real estate funds that consistently outperform the market through business cycles. To succeed in this, we are committed to creating a stimulating workplace that enables us to attract, develop and retain talented individuals.

Who We Are

Mengus specializes in identifying and unlocking hidden potential in commercial real estate in Stockholm.

Through our funds, we manage a substantial amount of capital for a select group of premier investors.

The team at Mengus comprises professionals with backgrounds ranging from property development to corporate finance. To us, the real estate investment business is a passion and we have a total commitment to our stakeholders. Every detail matters to us.

How We Create Value

Our overriding strategy is to invest in property with weak tenancy and/or technical status and to subsequently reposition it to investment grade assets (with stabilized and secure income). The repositioning requires a great deal of hard work over several years.

Unlocking Value Potential

To maximize market value, our properties are upgraded to higher quality categories, where demand from tenants is generally stronger. As part of this phase, our buildings are individually branded to create a visible and attractive location for companies. New tenants are then actively recruited through targeted marketing and leasing processes.

It’s all about hard work and our allocation of management resources in relation to assets under management is significantly above the market average. One of our core strengths is that our leasing expertise is an integral part of the investment decision process. No property is acquired without careful consideration of its leasing potential and associated risk.

Our success is also dependent on collaborations and strategic partnerships with leading service providers and other key professionals.

Stabilized Property

By upgrading a building to a higher quality segment and increasing its occupancy rate, we are able to expand the field of potential buyers for a given property investment.

Many institutional investors consider investment-grade property for which competition tends to be fierce. If Mengus is successful in repositioning a property, it is then possible to exit the investment with attractive returns.

Our hands-on approach to value creation has enabled us to outperform competing investments.

Per Niklasson, CEO & Senior Partner